Urban Roots

Urban Roots was born out of a passion for nature and the outdoors.  That passion coupled with a desire to create unique and beautiful displays in an urban setting is what we are all about.  

Urban Roots is a full service landscaping company that can design, install, and maintain your outdoor space, or indoor displays.  We believe that there is nothing more essential than bringing the beauty of nature to an urban setting such as New York City.  Whether it be a backyard oasis, a rooftop jungle, or an interior display Urban Roots can help make your vision come alive.

Urban Roots is proud to practice sustainable nature-based horticultural techniques.  We are a part of the Perfect Earth Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting toxin-free land management around the world.  We take a lot of pride in using these techniques and will always practice the most environmentally friendly methods to build and maintain your garden!